Air Leakage Testing

Through the use of large building fan pressurization testing, Entegrity’s envelope testing experts are able to identify areas of air infiltration/exfiltration through the building envelope of new and existing buildings. Entegrity’s air leakage testing equipment, test methodology, and personnel qualifications meet specified requirements for the United States Corps of Engineers (USACE) Air Leakage Test Protocol. Our procedures for testing and identifying building air leakage are in accordance with:

  • ASTM E779
  • ASTM E1827
  • ASTM E1186

Since building air leakage most commonly occurs at material/assembly joints, transitions and interfaces, air leakage testing can easily identify areas of envelope construction that can be improved to minimize the negative effects of air infiltration or exfiltration. These negative effects include reduced energy performance, humidity and moisture issues and poor indoor air quality. Entegrity’s building air leakage testing service will assist projects teams with implementing a building envelope that will optimize building performance and improve occupant comfort.