Indoor Air Quality Testing

Buildings exist to protect people from the elements and to otherwise support human activity. Buildings should not make people sick, cause them discomfort, or otherwise inhibit their ability to perform. How effectively a building functions to support its occupants, and how efficiently the building operates to keep maintenance and operations costs manageable are important measures of a building’s performance.

Entegrity provides comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) services for new and existing buildings to ensure indoor air quality requirements are met during construction and during building operation. Our comprehensive approach:

  • Reduces building occupants’ exposure to harmful contaminants and/or chemicals
  • Increases the ventilation system effectiveness
  • Reduces contamination from construction/renovation activities

Entegrity’s IAQ Testing services are performed in accordance with the EPA Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Air Pollutants in Indoor Air and in accordance with LEED requirements for IAQ Credits. IAQ testing can determine the amount of various contaminants that cause indoor air quality problems such as mold, CO2, moisture, VOCs and particulates. IAQ testing can help project teams identify performance issues associated with the building envelope and/or the HVAC system.