IR Thermography

Entegrity’s Infrared (IR) Thermography surveying services can be used to diagnose areas of building envelope leakage (air & water), thermal bridging and/or missing insulation through the use of non-intrusive, interior and exterior thermal inspections. Using high-resolution handheld and drone operated radiometric infrared cameras, these inspections can be performed quickly at various points in the construction process (or after construction). Our infrared thermography services ensure the envelope installation meets project requirements, minimize envelope related warranty issues and identify leakage points when problems do exist.

Infrared Thermography Services:

  • Aerial Drone Infrared Surveys
  • Building Envelope Surveys
  • Exterior Cladding and EIFS Surveys
  • Construction Defect Investigations
  • Commercial Roof Surveys
  • Water Infiltration Detection
  • Infrared Electrical Inspections

Entegrity’s thermography scanning services are performed in accordance to:

  • ASTM C1060
  • ISO 6781
  • ASTM E1186
  • ASTM C1153