ARC Performance Score

Arc is an online building assessment tool that encourages buildings to measure and improve performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts. It also provides performance verification through a streamlined and data-based pathway to sustainability certifications.

Click here to check out the interactive Arc dashboard for Entegrity's Little Rock Headquarters.


  • Benchmarks historical sustainability performance, local and global peer performance, and within portfolios of your buildings. Create competitions between your buildings!
  • Provides streamlined and less-expensive pathways to achieve sustainability certifications like LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance.
  • Increases marketability.
    • Provides a clean graphical display for lobby, website, etc. that builds occupant awareness and encourages action.
    • Improves and maintains occupancy and rent rates; focuses on occupant wellness and comfort by examining potential health risks and air quality; and reduces employee absenteeism and turnover by supporting productivity.
    • Reduces utility costs and supports climate action goals.
    • Drives resource efficiency and cuts carbon emissions and energy, water and waste expenses.
    • Shared accessibility to digital management dashboards, with utility monitoring of electrical, steam, gas, oil and water.
    • Supports carbon emissions and sustainability reporting.

In order to receive a Performance Score and the associated graphic display (shown in the link above).

Client will

  1. Participate in a kick-off coordination meeting.
  2. Provide basic building and occupancy data, like square footage, occupants, hours of operation, etc.
  3. Provide copies of or access to utility bills for the most recent 12 consecutive months of total energy and water use for the whole project.
  4. Perform an annual waste audit.
  5. Provide a contact to coordinate Indoor Air Quality Testing.
  6. Provide a contact to email a survey link to all occupants.
  7. Utilize final report to improve building performance and/or pursue a building certification.

Entegrity will

  1. Facilitate a kick-off coordination meeting.
  2. Enter energy and water utility usage data into Arc.
  3. Enter waste data into Arc. Broad guidance will be provided to assist the project in collecting waste data.
  4. Provide a survey link with user instructions and enter all responses into Arc.
  5. Coordinate and administer required Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests of the facility.
  6. Generate a Performance Score and provide a link to the dashboard.
  7. Provide a short report of suggestions for ways to improve the Performance Score and pathways to achieve building certifications. Examples: LEED for Existing Buildings, Energy Star Label, Retro-Commissioning, LED lighting retrofit, etc.