Water Conservation

Entegrity offers creative water conservation solutions for both supply-side and demand-side customers. From advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to low-flow fixtures and accessories, our team of experts is skilled in identifying, developing, and implementing effective water solutions for your system or campus.

Demand-Side Conservation

Water is a resource that all building owners depend on for sanitation, food preparation, irrigation, sustenance, refrigeration, and other needs. In most cases, water is provided to the building owner by a single entity that bills the owner monthly for the use of both water and sewage infrastructure. While typically less expensive than electricity and gas utilities over the course of a year, water and sewer costs can add up. Our water projects often reveal significant savings opportunities through a package of innovative solutions, including:

  • Low-flow water closets
  • Low-flow and waterless urinals
  • Low-flow faucets
  • Programmable controls to reduce occupant use
  • High-efficiency ice production
  • Optimized irrigation strategies
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Cooling tower management
  • Alternative food waste strategies
  • And more

Supply-Side Conservation: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Each year in the U.S., approximately $13.1 billion of utility water revenue is lost to leaks, theft, and meter inaccuracy. Add in the operational cost of manual meter reads and re-reads, and the total expense can often be staggering.

With Entegrity’s AMI program, meter accuracy is guaranteed, and customer consumption and metering data is transmitted via radio waves from the meter box to the utility billing office. The result is a system that increases utility revenue, provides real-time leak and tamper detection alerts, and eliminates the need for costly manual meter reads. Our four-step AMI process includes:

  1. Feasibility Analysis
    • Free evaluation to determine existing metering and billing conditions, total system non-revenue water, and potential return on investment
  2. Investment-Grade Audit
    • Laboratory testing of various meter types per AWWA sampling guidelines to further define baseline meter efficiency
    • Guaranteed-maximum cost and savings associated with strategic meter replacement program
  3. Implementation
    • Replacement of existing residential and commercial meters with fixed-based AMI system
    • Billing system integration
    • Daily customer communication and service
    • System commissioning to help ensure optimum performance
  4. Measurement and Verification
    • Multi-year sampling of installed meters to verify guaranteed accuracy and performance

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