Entegrity is a leader in LED technology and lighting retrofits that offer uncompromised quality and reliability. To help our clients maximize the benefits of a high-performance lighting system, Entegrity offers a turn-key program that includes auditing, design, installation, commissioning, and performance measurement and verification services.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting

ESPC is a financing tool that allows public entities to use guaranteed energy and operational savings as revenue. The ESPC approach enables schools, universities, and state/local governments to fund comprehensive facility improvements on a revenue-neutral basis, simply by re-directing existing and operational waste in their budgets. Entegrity has a $1 billion bonding capacity and an unlimited bid amount for public projects.


Entegrity specializes in the development, engineering, construction, and financing of high-quality solar projects. With the recent cost reductions in manufacturing, installation, and equipment costs, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are more cost-effective than ever before. Entegrity is committed to delivering affordable and intelligent solar solutions to meet the sustainable goals of our education, municipal, and commercial customers.

Water Conservation

Entegrity offers creative water conservation solutions for both supply-side and demand-side customers. From advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to low-flow fixtures and accessories, our team of experts is skilled in identifying, developing, and implementing effective water solutions for your system or campus.

Energy Services

For existing and new facilities, Entegrity offers a menu of services designed to optimize building performance at the lowest possible cost. Our Energy Services include: New Building Commissioning, Retro Commissioning, Building Envelope Commissioning, Energy Audit/Modeling, Measurement & Verification, Net Zero Energy, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Smoke Tracer Diagnostics, and Water Intrusion Testing.


With more than 200 sustainability projects to date, Entegrity is a recognized leader in LEED and Sustainability Consulting. Our goal is to identify and integrate viable, sustainable design and construction strategies into new construction and existing building projects toward the goal of certification.

Guaranteed Zero

Entegrity is uniquely qualified to both construct and consult with design teams to help ensure that buildings are optimized and capable of achieving zero energy use. Our integrated design-build approach provides design teams with the guidance necessary to develop Net Zero Energy buildings that optimize design strategies while minimizing construction cost.

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